Why And wherefore

Why, you may ask – after so many years without one –  have I chosen to create an ‘official’ alison limerick website.

The answer is twofold. I have been told by eeeeevrybody that I need one. ‘Gota have one’. Well I resisted that imperative for a very long time but was finally pressed into submission . . . and one gets tired of reading absolute bollocks about oneself. If you don’t have a place where folk can come for the cold, hard facts of your working life they will make stuff up as they go along. Like the nonsense on the Wikipedia page with my name on it, which states,

In 1993 she sang backing vocals on the M People song ‘Melody of Life’ from their album Elegant Slumming.

Excuse me no! Why would that band need another singer to do their BVs when they had one on tap? Yes, I had Jocelyn Brown doing BV’s on my second single but that woman brought something very special to the table. Hers is not just another voice, Jocelyn was and still is a force of nature in front of a mic. Moreover, she was a good friend of the producer Arthur Baker; he asked, she said sure, for which I was very grateful. I knew no one in M People, indeed although we were both signed to BMG labels, I never had the pleasure of meeting them . . . or not that I recall. There were so many label parties, music conventions and award shows that I was paraded around at (as a new signing), the social details sometimes get a little hazy.

Trying to correct the Wikki page left me wanting to KILL when I tried many yers ago and a good deal more tosh has been added since I first perused my entry. It is frustrating, wondering why certain parts of my career have been missed or short changed but I no doubt have a biased view about what was important in my career.

So, here I am with my own website under my command and the first thing I do – or nearly the first – is to whine about stuff I cannot control. Wikki be hanged! Let them eat brioche (or print whatever they will; you know they will be snatching copy off this site in a heartbeat anyway.)

Anything that is posted on this site will be as close to the truth as I can stand to make it. A few names might be withheld to protect the innocent but all else will be checked and verified by me before upload. If we make a booboo feel free to let us know (nicely) but please be sure to be very sure, before you correct an East End woman on the details of her own life; you know how we get!.

Posted on: 6th May 2015