Out Here, on My Own

From a debut solo performance – alison limerick ‘In Concert’ with a full band of wondeful musicians – to those micro-shows euphemistically named Personal Appearances or PAs to those in the know, alison therese limerick has run the gamut of venues and kinds of audience. Releases under her own name are a more contained affair and for a list (a discography if you will, although not all releases appeared or ever will appear on something so tactile as a disc of any sort), feel free to peruse the items listed on the Releases menu. For the lowdown on alison limerick ‘recording artist’, check out

Label Life  – working in the studio for the corporate man or for the Indi brothers and sisters.

On a stage, in front of a microphone seems to be a place best suited to a creature born to perform. As thrilled by an intimate jazz club as by a cavernous, heaving club, La Limerick is always ready to sing, to join in the fun or to instigate it.

Alive, alive-oh! – a smattering of facts, photographs and footage from a life lived with gusto.

Posted on: 10th May 2015