Between 1985 and now a variety of vocal endeavors has resulted in recordings of differing styles; from backing vocals, unrecognizable as the voice of alison limerick, to solo projects and features with other artists. These pages attempt to give a road map of those endeavors, listing them in an order that tries to corralled the multitude of disparate items into an easy source of information. (The intimidating number of releases and remixes for Where Love Lives has necessitated separate sections in both  the ‘singles’ and ‘compilations’ listings.)


Albums – solo

Albums – other

Singles –

Singles  – that song!


Compilations – that song again and again!!

Remixers and remixes – an aid to identifying mixes.


NB. Not every compilation album on which the various works have appeared has been listed and no doubt a remix or two may have been omitted. If your favourite is missing, accept our apologies (or, if you you really must, please submit tracks/compilations, giving as much information as you can regarding the item and its release. The item will thereafter be considered for inclusion in the lists. Thank you in advance for not wasting our time).